Future is the path of Infinite Possibilities.

This is true for you, no matter where you’ve been this far in your life and no matter what mistakes you’ve made.

Haven’t you always found that You laugh more than you cry?

You smile more than you frown?

You’ve had friends more than you’ve been entirely alone?

You’ve enjoyed health more than sickness?

You’ve had money more than you’ve been broke?

You’ve been gradually waking up to truth rather than sliding into mysteries?

We are all naturally inclined to succeed and be happy in every area of our lives, it’s as if we’re “pushed on” to greatness.

It’s just that we’ve slowed ourselves down a bit, being the spiritual beings that we are, when it comes to creating change in our lives, not understanding any better, we usually approach it by focusing excessively on what we don’t like and what we don’t have, instead of focusing on our dreams and goals.


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