Facts about Dreams

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.

The view from inside a dream can be extremely confusing. While in a dream, you can live in a sort of virtual reality you don’t realize is false until you wake up and shake away the dizziness. While dreams feel like your mind’s way of entertaining, At least that’s what many psychologists and dream specialists have thought. Here are few facts about dreams that have been uncovered while exploring the depths of that dream world:

  1. The Dream world can be directly influenced by the Real world.
    • This sounds like an inverse of the plots for movies like Inception, Inside out and Nightmare on Elm Street, but it’s true. What you experience in your dreams can be directly linked to your physical state; for instance, if you are thirsty or have to pee in reality, your dreams may rewrite themselves to inform you of this. Also, your cravings tend to manifest themselves.
  2. Dreams can provide solutions in the Real world.
    • Countless inventors, psychologist, scientists, and artists have finished equations, found inspiration that provided that one missing link, and unlocked material which conscious mind can’t access, all in dreams. It’s true that sometimes the best way to deal with a problem is to sleep on it.
  3. Dreams speak in a secret code.
    • Our dreams use a subjective symbolic language that isn’t based on direct associations we make in the reality. These symbols carry a meaning that only our subconscious minds can truly make sense of. For Individuals the symbols can be subjective however there are books that attempt to interpret images and symbols on objective bases.
  4. You can control your dreams.
    • This is called lucid dreaming, metaphysical states in which you become sentient in your dream and realize you are dreaming, allowing you to manipulate the dream Inception/Matrix style. There are many books and websites devoted to this very practice, as people really want to have superpowers as often as superhumanly possible.
  5. We often dream about familiar faces.
    • In your dreams; no new faces are invented, which shows how creative your subconscious truly is. Faces you may not recognize and assume are new people are actually the faces of people we’ve encountered at one point or another, but who were actually stored in some deep, fleshy hard drive.
  6. When we dream, we become paralyzed.
    • While we may run from monsters in our sleep, or fly in passenger jets, our bodies remain petrified in place the whole time. This is due to the brain’s recognizance, as a defense mechanism, that moving around could result in injury by the way of falling off the bed. Although that doesn’t explain sleep-walker, who open doors, build sheds in their sleep (that is actually a sleep disorder where the individual maintains a low-level of consciousness).
  7. While dreaming we break rules.
    • Much like in a video game, our wildest tabooed fantasies come to fruition in a reality without consequences. In dreams, you might steal, kill, do weird stuff, or anything else society generally frowns upon, which may even include cheating on your diet. It seems subconscious, but your brain is aware of how few consequences there are for your imagined actions and helps itself to act.

If you relate or want to analyze your dreams, Contact us.


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