Perspective on Life

Life is all about how we see things.

Life is neither good nor bad,

The thing which is beautiful to you can be pathetic to me.

In recent times something occurred that tested this notion and, in some bizarrely profound way, have helped me find a way to explain life (as WE understand it). What we realized is that at times we put way too much emphasis on trying to character out what is right and wrong.

All the over analysis, overthinking, in excess of planning & labeling – all of that doesn’t accomplish anything. Putting a label on something doesn’t help to feel better! Life is fair the way it is supposed to be: good, bad, unpredictable, ugly, and great, altogether rolled up into an individual incredibly short experience.

But it’s a fact of life. We all have to be at some point. While it’s not a “good” thing, you can’t get around it.

Click to know about –> What is Life?


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