How to be a Conversationalist

“Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.” – Criss Jamie

Let’s express by finding ways to say more. Take a look at the view of the conversationalist to express yourself through this…

Be Genuinely Interested in the person

Do your best to know more about him/her through the conversation.

Be true to yourself

Don’t mime; be ready to share your own thoughts.

Give and Take

In conversation giving and taking of information should be taken care of. Nothing goes one way.

Focus on the positives

Opt for Conversation and expressive topics over negative ones.

Share the topic and interest

Don’t dominate the discussion. At the same time, don’t hold back from partaking either.

Converse, not debate or argue

Where there are differences, agree to disagree.

Ask purposeful questions

Meaningful questions elicit expressive answers. E.g. what drives you in life? What are your current goals? What inspired you to make this change?

Don’t impose, criticize or judge

Respect others time, space and right to their views.

Show and benefit

Don’t be too critical over what others say/do. Always give others the benefit of the doubt.

Put the person in spotlight

Make the person look important (without being unauthentic).

Embrace Differences

While building on harmonies and commonalities.

Keep Smiling 🙂


10 thoughts on “How to be a Conversationalist

  1. It takes two or more reasonable sober people to discuss a topic. if the conversation becomes heated or abusive, smile and excuse yourself and walk away. you can’t change someone’s opinion if he is already in the trenches.

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    1. Yes I agree with the perception. You cannot change someone else opinion or ideas however what you can do being a Conversationalist is narrowing it down to same topic or perspective where you both agree. It’s either your way or another person way, either way you gonna reach on the destination of conversation. 😉

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  2. Nice article. In a conversation it is so important that we listen to understand. However, most of us listen to respond. That’s where half the misunderstandings happen. Understanding what we listen helps to express well.

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