Awareness about Suicide Cause and Prevention


India has the highest suicide rate among the youth which is 35.5 per 100000 (2012). The highest rate of suicide in India has recorded among the age band of 15 to 45 years. These are really high numbers.

Lack of economic, social and emotional resources can be attributed to these incidences. These resources may include issues related to relationship issues, workplace stress, schooling and learning pressure, the breakdown of support systems, social stresses, the clash within the family, lack of support from traditionalist family members for personal needs of modernised youth.

Suicide, a preoccupation or act that is focused on causing one’s own death voluntarily is been major public health concern nowadays. Some of the risk factors may be responsible for suicidal attempt or completion of suicide includes job insecurity or low level of satisfaction, history of abuse or continuous abuse (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional), being diagnosed with serious medical conditions such as HIV/Cancer, financial burden or crisis, history of suicidal attempts, substance abuse or being diagnosed with clinical mental health disorders such as schizophrenia or depression, undesirable life happenings, exposure to suicidal behaviours.

Talking about the gender differences, women are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide, however, men are twice more likely to complete the suicide act. Suicides create a tremendous impact on the development of individuals. There is a necessity to create the positive environment to tackle such issues.

Suicide is preventable, It is possible to stand and speak up to advocate better policies to prevent suicide using mental health resources. Suicide is condition needing treatment rather than punishment. Mental health education should be taught and promoted from an early age. We should encourage help seeking behaviour for such behaviours. If you find or know someone who is emotionally disturbed or feeling suicidal, let them know you care for them. Being empathetic helps the person to feel heard and understood. If someone feels suicidal that doesn’t mean the person’s nature is suicidal but a mere state of mind. People feel suicidal because they feel there is no other option and nothing else will work out to solve their issue. Suicidal thoughts and mental disorders are often linked together and can be treated well if sought for help with the help of mental health professionals such as Doctors, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists etc. An act can save someone’s life. There are several public service organisations, prevention helplines which offer support to emotional concerns and to the individuals who feel suicidal.

Click on this link and get access to all suicide helplines in the India and International as well.

Lets Create an Environment about us before me. Lend a helping hand to all.


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