Connection of Ego with Self

Ego is not something that you got because you did rather well or since you became rich or beautiful or anything else. It’s right there from your existence in your mother’s womb, that’s where ego was born.

In reality, this psychological self has no existence beyond the brain barrier; it exists only in your mind. It is a computer software program that has been written over time, and which is continually being rewritten, but it has nothing to do with the hardware that supports it and has no real existence; only a temporary phenomenal appearance.

So there was no moment in time, no single occasion from which your ego “came from.” There is no event you need “go back” to and heal, to eliminate the ego. All one can do is re-write the ego again. Even the actual one that wants to be done with ego, is ego.

There are nice egos and mean egos, however, they still are all equally ego; a false impression of who or what you are. An ego that thinks it is good will turn bad. But neither is who or what you are, as established by you witnessing this change. So, you are not who you think you are. The confusion of yourself with thought, body, and the feeling is Ego.

We don’t ever see the ego, because we are looking through and with the ego is I-thought, blinkered, blinded, living as though we are something we are not.

If you actually saw the ego, that would be the end of it.


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